Lyrics 3

  • Title Lyrics 3
  • Year 2019
  • Instr vln
  • Duration 4 min
  • Categories Chamber, Solo
  • Publisher ACA

First performance: November, 2020. Youtube release, as part of the American Composers Alliance Shelter Recordings Project. Domenic Salerni, violin

My three “lyric” pieces take their titles from the poetic form, a lyric referring to a personal expression of the poet and usually espousing a single mood or theme (in contrast to an ode or narrative). Lyrics 1 and 2 are for piano and cello respectively. In Lyrics 3, the single, pervasive idea is a brief three-note upswing across several strings of the violin, and this motive recurs in one form or another throughout the work. Even in the continuous mid-section of the piece, it is present, although somewhat nestled in the background. The motive’s introduction and repetitions at the opening are separated by hesitations and pauses; subsequently it becomes agitated, then lighter and bubbly. The agitated mood then returns once more and leads to a brief recapitulation of the opening. In the final coda, the motive becomes, well, lyrical. The piece lasts about 5 minutes.