Lyrics II

  • Title Lyrics II
  • Year 2014
  • Instr pno
  • Duration 5 min
  • Categories Keyboard, Solo
  • Publisher ACA

Lyrics II is the second in a series of “lyric” pieces (the first is for solo cello) that takes its cue from the poetic intention of the word; i. e., a lyric poem expressively projects a sustained mood, in contrast to an ever-evolving narrative poem or dramatic ode. In this work there are two movements, and therefore two moods, each complementing the other. The first is ruminative and searching, the second energetic and driving. Each movement of this short work was conceived as a single breath.” LK

First performance:
Korak Lertpibulchai, piano
the Center for New Music Ensemble, the University of Iowa,
Riverside Recital Hall, September, 28, 2015



l-r: Soprano Emily Thorner, LK, and pianist Stephen Drury, after performances of "A Way Separate" and Lyrics II at Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, Pa,