Processions II

  • Title Processions II
  • Year 2020
  • Instr hp
  • Duration 7 min
  • Categories Chamber, Solo
  • Publisher ACA

Broadcast premiere: Feb. 5, 2021 by RAI Radio, Milan, Italy. Paola Perrucci, harp

Processions II was written for the Italian harpist, Paola Perrucci, and follows a work of similar title for organ. The first Processions was written for organist and composer Carson Cooman and both pieces were inspired by a solemn ritual and accompanying procession that I witnessed at St. Thomas Church in midtown Manhattan. In Processions II, a theme of stately chords and arpeggios leads to a development with more intricate patterns but these are equally measured, as the slow, steady pulse of the imagined procession is never far from the listener’s ear. A quieter section then provides contrast and is based on a more drawn out version of the opening theme. The two contrasting sections are then re-presented, each in turn, but now they include new twists and turns and shifted emphases. The work lasts approximately 7 minutes.