Rustic Dances

  • Title Rustic Dances
  • Year 1995
  • Instr vln, cl, p(1)
  • Duration 9 min
  • Categories Chamber
  • Publisher CF Peters

First performance:
Jean Kopperud, Dominic Donato, Curtis Macomber
Merkin Concert Hall, NYC, April 1, 1998


“Laura Frautschi, Gray Gorczyca and Robert Schultz had a nice romp with the unique kinds of trills and tremolos this combination invites, not scanting the piece´s firm this-follows-that narrative strengths.”

Richard Buell, Boston Globe (03/1999)

“Best of Boston 2000”

Richard Dyer, Boston Globe (12/2000)

“Louis Karchin´s economic, nicely paced Rustic Dances showed a folksy, barn dancing-fiddling heart beating beneath its thoroughly contemporary exterior.”

David Cleary, New Music Connoisseur

There appears to have been so many ideas impinging on Karchin’s thought process, with Jewish, Latin American and Hungarian traditional music playing a role. Rhythmically it is very strong, the sound colors multifarious, each instrument starting an idea that is taken up and expanded upon by the other two.

David Danton, Fanfare (02/2001)