Two Lyrics for Solo Cello

  • Title Two Lyrics for Solo Cello
  • Year 2012
  • Instr vc
  • Duration 6 min
  • Categories Solo
  • Publisher ACA

Two Lyrics for Solo Cello is the first of my two “lyric” pieces that take their cue from the poetic meaning of the word; i. e., a lyric poem expressively projects a sustained mood, in contrast to an ever-evolving narrative poem or dramatic ode. In this work there are two movements, the first expansive, utilizing the beautiful cantabile mid-range voice of the cello, and the second, fragmented and propulsive, with a good deal of jeté (bouncing) bow technique. In its own way, each movement is a study in sustaining a single mood over a broad expanse.” LK

First performance:
Christopher Gross, cello, with Counter)induction
the Tenri Cultural institute, New York, October 20, 2012