Galactic Folds

  • Title Galactic Folds
  • Year 1992
  • Instr fl/picc,cl,vln,vc,pf
  • Duration 20 min
  • Categories Chamber
  • Publisher CF Peters

First performance:
Griffin Music Ensemble, Jonathan Shames, conductor
Houghton Memorial Chapel
Wellesley College, MA, Feb. 2, 1994


“Galactic Folds, for a mixed quintet using Schoenberg´s Pierrot Lunaire ensemble, is to my ears the real find of this disc. Twenty minutes of rushing, furious energy divided into two movements, the music never lets up for more than a few seconds in its forward rush. The miniature cadenzas for the winds in the first movement come as moments when the players are so full of life they must break forth from the ensemble. The Finale has a wonderful, clockwork fury that abates briefly for an ethereal interlude before the final rush to the finish.”

John Story, Fanfare (07/1997)